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Cashless environments

Pre-paid cards for a cashless environment

TouchTopUP on tablet and mobile
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Pre-paid cards for a cashless environment

Simplify processes, reduce theft and speed up service with a TouchTopUp cashless solution that combines pre-paid cards with real-time cloud-based reporting and management that you can access from anywhere.

Multiple Accounts

If responsible for multiple people, you can have access to multiple accounts from one place. Ideal for parents with multiple children attending the same school.

Photo ID

Customer identity is confirmed by an on screen picture.

Reduce Theft

Removing cash from pockets also reduces the opportunity for theft or bullying.

Person using TouchTopUp hardware secured to the wall

TouchTopUp box

The solution is ideal for environments and venues where cash is impractical, whether that’s within education settings, leisure centres, factories, waterparks or prisons.

Stay Notified

TouchTopUp will print / email daily reports, monitor how much money has been credited and how many people used the unit. It will send an email alert if it is full, or needs attention from management.


For non food items such as school trips or equipment, accounts can be assigned a wallet.

Speed Up service

Without the hassle of cash or credit card processing, queuing times are reduced and increases the speed of service.

The benefits