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Business management

Intelligent business management software

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Intelligent back office reporting

Intelligent back
office reporting

Visualise your business data effortlessly with TouchOffice Web’s interactive graphs and charts. Quickly analyse specific data with just a few clicks and export it to .xls or .pdf format with ease.

Empower your decision-making with TouchOffice Web’s business intelligence tools. Gain insights on sales performance, pricing, staff effectiveness, peak sales periods, and more with access to over 150 comprehensive reports.

Historical Insights

Create historical reports to get deep insights to sales, staff performance over time. Track, compare and contrast your historical data easily day by day, year by year and drill down into specifics.

Make Real-Time Decisions

TouchOffice Web gives you instant access to specific real-time sales data. All data is pushed into graphs and charts, allowing you to easily spot and identify trends or patterns.

Multi-Site Control

Instant business management over your entire estate. Whether you want sales performance for a single site, or you want to make programming changes across your entire business, you’re in control.

Top 10 features in TouchOffice Web

Export Data

Extract financial reports at the click of a button. Export them into PDF and Excel CSV instantly.

Remote Programming

Make live program changes across your entire estate, or schedule for a particular date. Adjust pricing, promotions and products and your TouchPoint touch screen tills will update.

Visual Analytics

TouchOffice Web presents information in easy-to-analyse graphs and charts, giving you the power to drill down into specific data instantly. Export your data into .xls or .pdf at the click of a button.

Bar manager sat at the table using laptop with TouchOffice Web software by ICRTouch

Control the wider ecosystem

TouchOffice Web, ICRTouch’s back office software, provides you with a centralised view of the entire software ecosystem. It seamlessly integrates with other solutions, including TouchPoint tills, ByTable order-to-table systems, TouchReservation online table booking, and more, giving you access to all your data from anywhere, at any time.

The benefits