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Kitchen management

Interactive kitchen management display

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ICRTouch software Partner
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Industry-leading EPoS software

Streamline your operations with intelligent kitchen display software

Transform the way food and drink orders are processed with the help of TouchKitchen, the intuitive kitchen display software that’s designed by EPoS experts specifically for the hospitality industry.

From starters through to dessert, customer orders are organised neatly and clearly displayed on a display screen within the kitchen for easy order management with no need for paper and print outs. The kitchen team can easily manage each order as it arrives and view it on their digital kitchen display software, so they can begin preparing the food straight away. Information within TouchKitchen is clear and legible, and there’s no room for misunderstanding what has been ordered.

Choose Your Interface

Utilise TouchKitchen in the mode that suits your business best: touchscreen, keyboard, bump bar or hybrid.

Order Status Screen

Link to CollectionPoint, the customer-facing order progress displays to automate ‘ready for collection’ notifications.

Never Lose Orders

Digital orders go straight to the kitchen display. None get dropped and no information gets lost or misinterpreted.

Chef in the kitchen using TouchKitchen order software by ICRTouch

Transform the way orders are processed

When an order is placed at a TouchPoint till, via PocketTouch digital ordering, or through a ByTable app, SelfService kiosk or TouchTakeaway webshop, the TouchKitchen display system receives the order details directly. This enables the kitchen staff to efficiently manage and prepare each order as it arrives, using the digital kitchen display software. With clear and legible information displayed on TouchKitchen, there is no chance of misunderstanding what has been ordered.

Recall Orders

Easily and quickly recall finalised orders to check the details or reset the order for repeat preparation when needed.

Organise Courses

Peg orders easily between courses to let the kitchen team know when the next course is ready to be prepared.

Set Timers

Preparation timers ensure meals leave the kitchen on time. Utilise one-shot timers or reset on individual orders.

How to: use TouchKitchen to suit your business best

The benefits