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HostPos branded TouchPoint EPOS system on OKPOS hardware

Software products

As Australia’s official provider of ICRTouch software, we’ll work with you to configure a suite of POS solutions that’s tailored to meet your business needs.

An example ICRTouch TouchPoint till for a bar
TouchPoint logo

Bespoke EPoS with countless features and flexibility

ICRTouch's flagship software, TouchPoint, is a robust and reliable EPoS solution developed over 20+ years with an intuitive interface that improves efficiency and productivity.

Person using phone and laptop with TouchOffice Web
TouchOfficeWeb Logo

Intelligent business management software

Get real-time business insights from anywhere with TouchOffice Web, ICRTouch's cloud-based management software. Gain complete control to make intelligent decisions for your business.

Waiter at table taking order with tablet
PocketTouch Logo

The paperless solution to at-table order taking

Transform customer experience with PocketTouch, ICRTouch's handheld EPoS software. Empower staff, reduce mistakes and increase table turnover with paperless ordering.

Phone holding up infront of pizza displaying TouchTakeaway ICRTouch software
Aligned logos 0001 TouchTakeaway

Fast food ordering via any mobile device

Generate more revenue with webshop ordering for delivery or click and collect thanks to TouchTakeaway integrating seamlessly into your EPoS; all with 0% commission.

Woman holding phone to camera showing menu
ByTable logo

A bespoke app for customers to self-order

ICRTouch's ByTable lets customers order commission-free from a custom web/app menu to their table or seat. Order easily from mobile devices with a few clicks.

SelfService order kiosk software from ICRTouch
SelfService logo

Interactive kiosk ordering software

ICRTouch's SelfService kiosk software enables customers to browse menus and place orders independently, reducing queues, improving guest experience, and saving your business money.

TouchKitchen order management system from ICRTouch
TouchKitchen logo

Interactive kitchen management display

Transform kitchen order management with TouchKitchen, ICRTouch's intuitive solution. Organise orders neatly, displayed on a screen for easy management without paper.

HostPOS 0007 800x400px TouchReservation
Aligned logos 0003 TouchReservation

Online table reservation, even when you’re closed

Automate table bookings with TouchReservation by ICRTouch for 24/7 management. Save time and money with automatic allocation and order confirmations, even outside business hours.

HostPOS 0006 800x400px TouchStock
Aligned logos 0002 TouchStock

Efficient mobile stock management

ICRTouch's TouchStock simplifies stock management with intuitive handheld devices that count stock, check prices, scan barcodes, generate labels, reduce errors, and increase business efficiency.

HostPOS 0005 800x400px CollectionPoint
Aligned logos 0013 CollectionPoint

Customer-facing order status display screens

Improve customer experience and reduce complaints with ICRTouch EPoS-integrated CollectionPoint displays, which effectively and efficiently bust queues by keeping customers informed of their order status.

Multiple tv screens displaying menus in bar
Aligned logos 0006 TouchMenu

An automated digital menu solution

Replace printed menus with ICRTouch's digital TouchMenu solution to save time and money. Highlight promotions and update stock messaging while boosting sales with automated menus.

Laptop and phone displaying TouchOffice Web software by ICRTouch
Aligned logos 0015 TouchOffice Web

Unlock enhanced efficiency and productivity

To further enhance your business’ efficiency and productivity using the ICRTouch ecosystem of EPoS solutions, you may need to upgrade your TouchOffice Web dashboard to TouchOffice Web+.

person holding phone in crowed with ticket on screen
Aligned logos 0009 Ticketing

A flexible solution to sell and manage tickets

Streamline ticket sales with ICRTouch's comprehensive Ticketing solution, offering multi-channel sales, unlimited ticket types, intelligent reporting, and seamless integration with the EPoS ecosystem.

HostPOS 0001 800x400px Digital Signage
Aligned logos 0012 Digital Signage

Engaging customer advertising displays

Increase engagement with ICRTouch's customer displays, which showcase promotions and wait times and provide live stock information through digital signage that saves time and money.

HostPOS 0002 800x400px TouchTopUp
Aligned logos 0000 TouchTopUp

Pre-paid cards for a cashless environment

Simplify processes and speed up service while reducing theft with ICRTouch's TouchTopUp cashless solution. Combining pre-paid cards with real-time cloud-based reporting and management, it's quick to set up and easy to use.