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Digital order taking

The paperless solution to at-table order taking

PocketTouch software on portrait and landscape tablets
ICRTouch software Partner
ICRTouch Gold Partner 2023 accreditation

Efficient service keeping customers and staff happy

Raise the bar on customer experience with PocketTouch, the intuitive hand-held EPoS software that gives you a paperless solution to taking food and drink orders.

Whether you’re utilising PocketTouch on an iOS, Windows, Android, or even a PAX device, it’ll help you turnover tables quicker, increase order values and reduce mistakes. Take orders at the table or in the queue line – whichever works best for your business.

Faster Service

Faster table turnaround through seamless integration enables more covers per table.

Kitchen And Bar Printing

Sends the order straight to the kitchen or bar, saving time and staff spend more time with the customers.

Stock Levels

Show stock quantities on product buttons for specials and other limited quantity items.

Waitress using PocketTouch ordering software by ICTouch at the table

Boost revenue and see order values skyrocket with PocketTouch

PocketTouch is designed by industry experts to allow waiting staff to take orders seamlessly from the table or queue line, without the need for any manual pen and paper system. Orders are delivered straight from their hand-held device to the kitchen and bar, giving the most efficient service to the customer.

Order updates made on PocketTouch are automatically sent to the till and kitchen management systems such as TouchKitchen, streamlining the whole process and allowing you to turnover tables quicker than ever.

Graphical Table Plan

Staff can easily identify and open the correct table. Supports multiple floor levels, with optional by seat ordering.

Happy Customers

PocketTouch will help you increase customer satisfaction as your staff have more time to spend in providing excellent customer service.

Queue busting

Utilise PocketTouch to help reduce queues, allowing staff to accept orders and even take payments directly from the queue line.

Top 10 features of PocketTouch

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