With HOSTPOS, institutions can effortlessly handle transactions, track inventory, and generate comprehensive reports in real-time. Our user-friendly interface and robust features enable seamless integration with existing systems, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. HOSTPOS empowers institutions to optimise their operations, minimise errors, and improve productivity, ultimately leading to enhanced profitability.

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ICRTouch Gold Partner 2023 accreditation

Business management

Use TouchOffice Web to analyze real-time and historical reports, track sales trends, identify popular products, and make informed business decisions based on insights provided.

Digital Signage

Add screens for advertising your menu to entice your customers and collection points to streamline service and reduce congestion at the counter.

Hand held ordering

Take orders seamlessly from table or queue, straight to the heart of the kitchen and bar, providing a quick and efficient service to the customer.

Integrated EFT

Customers can pay at their convenience via credit/debit cards, contactless or mobile payment methods.

Kitchen Display Screens

Utilize digital screens to display clear and legible order information, allowing kitchen staff to view, sort, and set preparation timers for meal orders to ensure timely and accurate delivery without missing any items.


Loyalty features come as standard, so you can track customer spending habits. Create and schedule targeted promotions based on various criteria.

Quick & Easy To Use

The TouchPoint till is fast to operate with minimal key presses which reduces queues at the counter and keeps customer satisfaction levels high. The till is simple for your staff to learn and operate.

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ICRTouch's TouchPoint EPoS software, a robust and reliable solution with an intuitive interface that boosts productivity, has been expertly developed over 20+ years.

TouchOffice Web

Get real-time business insights from anywhere with TouchOffice Web, the cloud-based management software. Gain complete control to make intelligent decisions for your business.


PocketTouch, the handheld EPoS software transforms customer experience by empowering staff, reducing errors, and increasing table turnover.


ICRTouch's ByTable enables customers to order from their mobile devices commission-free, with just a few clicks, from a custom web/app menu, to their table or seat.


Simplify stock management with TouchStock by ICRTouch. It counts stock, checks prices, scans barcodes, generates labels, reduces mistakes, and increases efficiency.


Speed up service, reduce theft with ICRTouch's TouchTopUp cashless solution. It combines prepaid cards, cloud-based reporting, and hassle-free setup.